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  • International IP Management and Cost Control


    David W. Highet, a speaker at the marcus evans IP Law Summit Spring 2013, discusses how legal department costs can be effectively managed.

    Interview with: David W. Highet, Vice President & Chief Intellectual Property Counsel, Becton Dickinson


    Appointment of a member of the local Intellectual Property (IP) department to a position in an international office can be an effective mechanism for expanding the reach of the department, according to David W. Highet, Vice President & Chief Intellectual Property Counsel, Becton Dickinson. Also, time differences can work as an advantage as matters can be handed over at the end of a local employee’s day and picked up at the beginning of an international employee’s day, he adds.

    A speaker at the marcus evans IP Law Summit Spring 2013, in Colorado Springs, Colorado, March 21-23, Highet shares his views on knowing what and when to outsource legal work.

    What are the problems and prospects of international IP management?

    The problem when employees are located outside a centralized location is the inability for the IP Counsel to have direct interaction with colleagues if needed. Also, if managers are not able to observe the work being done, they cannot collect objective information to assess performance. The best way to approach this is to appoint an internal candidate who has already established a relationship with the department and the company. Alternatively, a team member could spend a limited amount of time working in locations where an IP attorney is needed to get an understanding of the client’s needs, so management can make a better hiring decision when the need arises.

    One strong positive element is the time difference. If international staff work in a very effective way and in the same manner as local employees, a virtual cycle of work can be created where unfinished work – at the end of the local employees’ day – can be completed, at the beginning of the international employees’ day.

    What strategies can you suggest for reducing legal department costs?

    Firstly, a continuous assessment of projects needs to be made so that the department can define if this work will achieve the business goals. If this is the case, the next question is whether this will be best done by in-house lawyers or by outsourcing.

    Working with company procurement organizations can help legal departments negotiate service agreements and provide data on the service of vendors. This will help determine if there are any less costly alternatives.

    What tools could help determine what and when to outsource legal work?

    Staff skill sets have to match the business needs, so that the right people are doing the right job. As the business needs change, staff may need to be changed in certain ways. Work that is routine, repetitive and of high volume, is the most amendable for outsourcing.

    How can IP staff be better managed?

    It is very important to have open and constant communication with IP staff. There should be transparency regarding issues and opportunities within the department. In this way, everyone will know what their prospects are in the organization and no one will feel left out.

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